DECENTRALIZED storage solution & TECHNOLOGY Consulting

VIZNITI provides a platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple smart devices over a decentralized blockchain/tangle grid.

VIZNITI also support businesses in their digital transformation journey to get tangible technology outcomes

DECENTRALIZED Storage Solution

VIZNITI aims at revolutionizing the cloud industry by providing a fully secure and decentralized cloud storage and processing platform based on the Blockchain and Tangle technologies. VIZNITI uses the world’s leading technology for developing and establishing two online grids to connect users that demand storage capacities for Big Data and large processing capabilities for Artificial Intelligence computations. The allocation of storage space and computational tasks to miners who contribute unused storage and processing capacities will be conducted via a series of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. The processing tasks will be largely distributed to miners on the processing grid according to the characteristics of each task and its creator (the user). The results will be stored and managed on the Blockchain and will be visible only to the user that initiated it.

Technology Consulting

Vizniti also aims to strengthen the businesses and enable enterprises in their tech-led initiatives. Vizniti has its technology assessment framework which works on agility, flexibility, scalability, and reliability to ensure the simplified technology solution for complex manual tasks. Vizniti has proven technology consulting experience in numerous industry verticals such as Banking and financial sector, Telecom, Retail & e-commerce, Insurance, manufacturing, automotive, process industry, etc. Some of the technology consulting services are:

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